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What gift does your teacher want most ?

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Teacher gifts! when teacher week is around…I like to shower those teachers with some amazing teacher appreciation gifts. I’ve said it once…and I will probably say it about 200 more times. It takes a special person to be a teacher.

and when I went in on Holidays to pick up my daughter… I saw about 15 bath and body works soaps and lotions on the teachers’s desk! And I thought…surely they has to got to be a better gift! So I asked all the teachers I know (and some I didn’t know…thanks facebook!) and I’ve got the top 4 gifts that teachers ACTUALLY want!

Here is what they said they get a lot of:

Soaps, lotions, chapsticks, hot cocoa mugs, and socks (not that these are necessarily bad things…but all things in moderation!!!

Personalized teacher gifts

“We spend lots of time getting to know the kids in our class…so it’s fun when they get to know us as well” the teacher said the sweetest thing.

These getting to know you surveys are awesome! Give one to your teacher and you have gifts that will last you all year long!!!

Teacher Questionnaire

Teacher Surveys

Sometimes, I struggle with teacher gifts. I want to make something all adorable and cute…but then, I’m all, “wouldn’t they rather just have a Target gift card to get what they want?”. To solve this several year dilemma, this year I plan to ask them to fill in this simple survey to give me an idea of all of their favorite things

Teacher Surveys
Teacher Surveys
Favorite Things

After you have a fun survey you can buy them gift cards to place they love…buy them some treats …surprise them with their favorite drinks… such fun teacher gifts ideas! So thoughful!

This pop printable goes great with any kind!

and luckily you can get on pinterest and probably find printables that go with any thing and every thing!

One teacher said that a mom found out that she was saving for a bosch mixer….so she got all the parents together and they all chipped in to get her one! How sweet and thoughtful is that teacher gift!!

Get to know your teachers~! I drill my son and I know his teacher loves coke (cause she always has it on her desk)

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