LinkedGo Blank Stencil Sheet 4-6-10mil

Mylar Stencil Guide – Which Mylar Sheets Should I Use?

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Sign making has became popular over the past few years. Mainly due to the popularity of hobby vinyl cutting machines, such as the Cricut models, and the Silhouette models. – LinkedGo Mylar Stencil will be happy

I feel overwhelmed with all of the differences between LinkedGo Mylar Stencil Sheets, what thickness you should use with each one of them.

Many of these crafters that are creating signs end up using Mylar stencil and adhesive or heat transfer vinyl. A lot of these crafters are beginner sign makers and are intimidated by paint and wood working. While this isn’t the “wrong” way to create a sign, in my opinion, it isn’t the way to achieve the highest quality signs. However, there is no right or wrong way. It all comes down to user preference.

Blank mylar can be used for cutting your own stencils and for may different uses. This material has great properties:

  • This extremely tough and hard to rip material.
  • It is flexible so that it can be rolled and will conform to curved surfaces.
  • Dimensionally stable so that it does not stretch and will keep its shape.
  • It is translucent so that you can see contrast through it allowing perfect placement for stencils.
  • Paint does not like to stick to it so it is easy to clean.

What do you need LinkedGo Mylar Stencil Sheets?

Before I got the Mylar Stencil sheets, I have never understood why there are different thickness of sheets, if you don’t know what stencil sheets does like me, this is a interesting thing for you to know.

LinkedGo proud to offer the highest quality stencil material available, authentic Mylar sheets. 4 mil, 6 mil, 10 mil Mylar sheets in 12″ x 12″ size sheets. We know how tough it can be to find the right material that will be the same consistent quality you expect. You’re guaranteed to receive authentic Mylar at the desired thickness every time you order with no exceptions. Our material is incredibly durable yet flexible enough for a variety of applications.

4 Mil Mylar Stencil Sheets

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4 mil Mylar : All of the mylars make great stencils. We recommend 4 mil for DIY stencils as they cut easily and still make an effective stencil for most uses. 4 mil cuts easily with a scalpel knife. We also recommend 4 mil for electric cutters like Cricuts and Silhouettes.

From interior decorating to logos and crests, to face painting, to small industrial projects, it’s as easy as drawing your design on, cutting, and painting on any surface you like!

This mylar is a glossy material specifically engineered for easy cutting with a pen or exacto knife. With a material this thin, any design you come up with will produce crisp lines that pop right out off of your surface. We recommend brushing or rolling your paint on with this material for optimum line definition.

Great for arts and crafts, custom lettering, signs, designs, and more. Make sure your stencil is cut with adequate bracing, and leave room on the edges for excess paint. Easy to clean? You bet. Just add a little soap and water or paint remover to the stencil material and watch as the paint comes right off.

6 Mil Mylar Stencil Sheets

It has both flexibility and durability. It will conform to rounded surfaces easily. light and easily attached to vertical surfaces with our repositionable adhesive spray, cut with a firm manual knife or gyro cutter. Our experience is that consumer grade electric cutters like a Cricut do not cut this material consistently We recommend 6 mil for repeat 2 cuts. Ideal for various diy projects: drawing & drafting, art journals, kids craft, home decor, painting wall, wood, fabric signs.

Change pressure to 330 and number of passes to 2. Fine cut blade and standard grip mat. Works like a charm! Once you edit the settings they will remain as your default settings anytime you choose

10 Mil Mylar Stencil Sheets

10 mil mylar makes a great stencil. the material is very durable but still is flexible enough to conform to curved surfaces and light enough to use easily on vertical surfaces. It also allows a very high degree of detail.

However it is more difficult to cut. Most consumer grade electric cutters cannot cut this material, ( the new Cricut Maker is the exception.) If cutting by hand, we recommend a heated stencil cutting tool.

This material is light enough for applying to vertical and horizontal surfaces. (Use our Repositionable Spray to attach to a wall while stenciling.) Great for arts and crafts, custom lettering, signs, designs, and more. Make sure your stencil is cut with adequate bracing, and leave room on the edges for excess paint.

FAQ – Common Questions

Mylar is a polyester film (or PET) that is used for a variety of industrial applications. It can handle temperatures of -10F to 300F and has a resistance to most chemicals. We can provide a full spec sheet upon request.

Of course! This is the exact material we use for our stencils here at Stencil Revolution. We’ve tried a variety of materials and found that Mylar is by far the best performing and best looking stencil material available. There is little to no discoloration from cuts and the material reacts great with the laser resulting in minimal melt. This helps us create precision cut stencils that our customers love.

With a sharp Xacto knife you can cut this material no problem. You can also draw on it before hand with a marker to trace your design.

Yes with soap and water it can be wash very easily. That is the beauty of this material, since it is resistant to most chemicals it can handle a variety of paints and cleaners.

Without a knife or pair of scissors you aren’t cutting these blank mylar sheets. With a sharp blade it can be cut fairly easy but you will need to replace blades quite often to get a smooth cut. It’s also very flexible for bending around different surfaces such as a glass or bottles for etching.

We’re not big fans of adhesive backed since it’s only a one time use. This really defeats the purpose of a good stencil. A great alternative is to just use an adhesive spray which can be removed after use. For customers who need to apply the stencil to metal quickly, there are adhesive back magnets which can be attached at each corner of the stencil. Then acetate is just a low quality material we refuse to work with.

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