Pipe Cleaner Art: Doll Furniture

Pipe Cleaner Art: Doll Furniture

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If you’re a parent of small children, chances are that you already have a bunch in your home. Young children can better develop their fine motor skills by twisting and bending them, and older children can get creative with how they build and create with them. Pipe Cleaner Doll Furniture craft is best suited for children ages seven through 10. The best thing about growing these flowers is that they only require a few materials from your craft drawer.

Using craft pipe cleaners to create furniture for your toys and dolls can be so fun! Here are a few ideas, from easiest to hardest. Kids may need an adults help, but I would also encourage them to just try to come up with designs of their own!

Pipe Cleaner Doll Furniture

To create a table, start with the red pipe cleaner and make a tight coil. Add an orange chenille stem to the end by twisting the ends together and continuing the coil. Secure the two pieces together with smaller 1” pieces of scrap pipe cleaners as you go. Continue with all of the colors of the rainbow until you have a table about 3” in diameter.

Take two halves of a lavender pipe cleaner and create a V shape. Thread them through the underside of the table and twist to secure. Coil the ends and arrange until the legs are the same length. It may take a little while to get the balance correct–try spacing the legs out as evenly as possible.

Pipe Cleaner Playpen

To create a baby’s crib (or playpen) start by creating a cube shape. You will need to use several pipe cleaners to complete the shape, it’s ok to just connect a new one as you go until the shape is complete.

Once you have the basic cube, take a different color (in this case, turquoise) and attaching it to the bottom of the cube. Wrap it around the top of the cube (coiling around about 2-3 times) and then wrap around the bottom again. Complete this step until you have the bars or railing around the entire crib/playpen. To create the base, simply thread a few pipe cleaners back and forth from one end to the other to create a tight-knit surface.

Pipe Cleaner Rocking Chair

To create a rocking chair, start with two halves of a yellow pipe cleaner, rounded in a slight arch shape and curled on either end. Take two 3” pieces and attach to create a square shape. This will be the base of the rocking chair. Take two 6” pieces and attach to either side on the back of the chair, coiling the ends. This will be the sides of the back of the chair. Take two more 3” pieces and connect those two pieces together. This will be the back to the chair.

Make a seat by creating a pink square. Attach the front of the pink seat to the base of the chair with two 2” pieces of yellow chenille stem. Weave a pink pipe cleaner back and forth to create the seat, much like you did with the base of the crib/playpen.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on easy pipe cleaner Doll Furniture for adults and kids! There are so many things you can make! I like to just lay out a rainbow of arts and crafts pipe cleaners for my kids to go through. Often, we’ll take tv/computer/phone breaks and it’s one of the first things they’ll go to. It helps to keep the pipe cleaners out on a craft table, maybe with some kid scissors, googly eyes, glue, pom poms and plastic beads.

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