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Free Printable Easter Egg Activity Sheets

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Grab this free printable Easter egg tracing worksheet for a fun indoor coloring activity for the kids. You’re definitely going to want to check them out!

We love Easter time at my house. Celebrating Spring, Jesus, and new life just calls for celebrations!

You’re not going to want to miss this pack of Printable Easter Activity Sheets! It’s filled with zero-prep Easter themed fine motor activities perfect for your preschooler or kindergartner. It includes:

  • Easter egg tracing pages
  • Cutting pages with Easter friends
  • Easter baskets filled with goodies
  • Cutting and pasting practice

You can get your kids ready for Easter and egg hunts with this printable Easter egg tracing worksheet!

It’s a perfect activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice shapes and tracing. And it will get everyone excited for all the Easter egg activities!

You can also use this worksheet to teach colors, patterns, and shapes. Younger kids can also color it for a fun indoor activity.

Are you ready to practice lots of important early learning skills with your little kids? You’ll for sure be glad that you did!

Easter Egg Activity Sheets

Easter Egg Activity Sheets

There are four eggs on a sheet. Trace straight lines, zig zags, circles, and more with this simple Easter egg worksheet. It’s perfect for little hands who are practicing holding a pencil in their hands. You can even cut out the eggs around the edge, to practice scissor skills. Then do a mini paper egg hunt or hang your pictures around the house for some easy Easter decor! Preschool learners can also practice:

  • Concentration
  • Pencil Grip
  • Pencil Control
  • Hand Eye Coordination
Easter Buddies Cutting

Easter Buddies Cutting

To complete these activity pages, your preschooler must cut along the dotted lines to get to each of the Easter buddies. For added fun, children can get creative coloring the buddies at the end.

Cutting also helps develop hand eye coordination because the child must hold the paper with one hand while cutting with the other hand. This makes it necessary to track the movement with their eyes.

Easter Kids Tracing

Preschoolers must trace the lines to help each of the Easter kids find the surprise waiting for them at the end. Tracing is a great way to help early learners build visual/spatial skills. These skills will later help them to develop strong math and reading skills.

Easter Basket Cut & Paste

Children will cut and paste to make an Easter basket filled with goodies. In this way they will be able to practice cutting and all the fine motor skills associated with that activity as well as practice pasting skills.

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When completing these Easter activity pages with your children, keep in mind that learning to paste objects not only has practical applications for preschoolers, but also helps children to develop spatial skills as they arrange the objects in the provided space of the basket.

When you’re stuck indoors due to sickness or poor weather, print this worksheet out and you have an easy Easter activity for the kids! They can trace the different shape lines, make patterns on their Easter eggs, and color everything in. It’s a simple craft activity for all ages!

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